The Oxford Institute Summer Programme provides students the rare chance to experience life as an undergraduate student at Oxford University - they live in university accommodation, dine in college dining halls, attend courses delivered by Oxford scholars, and explore other facets of student life in the city. 

Like Oxford’s collegiate system, our student batches are ideal-sized (ranging from 50 to 80 students), thus ensuring personalised attention and teaching approaches for all participants. Our staff are highly qualified and the subjects offered are extremely diverse. Thus, participants aspiring for a world-class experience and education can be sure of receiving it while in Oxford. 

Central to our programme is the unique pedagogical or teaching method practiced at Oxford University - all courses are taught in tutorial sessions at a ratio of 1 to 3 students per tutor. All our tutors are leading scholars and researchers from Oxford University. The tutorial method offers an unparalleled learning environment by encouraging comprehensive discussions of the subject matter between students and tutors in intensive daily sessions, which are flexibly designed based on each student’s needs and skills base. Students have consistently found tutorials to be the most enriching and valuable component of the Programme. In addition, special lectures are organised by acclaimed Oxford professors and researchers to give students a taste of emerging topics at the cutting edge of research. Recent lectures touched upon subjects such as Optogenetics, Technology and the Self, and Conflicts in Moral Philosophy.

Developing leadership and communication skills in young adults is another key component of the Programme. At the end of the course, students are also trained in conducting independent research on a topic of interest, on which they write a research essay and deliver an oral presentation. These critical thinking, writing and communication skills are essential as students prepare to take on university life. On the other hand through a debating module compulsory for everyone, students are trained in public speaking and parliamentary-style debating by experienced coaches from the Oxford Union, the world's most prestigious debating society.

We also provide workshops on university admissions counselling and career development to help students take charge of their academic and career goals.

The Programme is intended to foster a sense of independence with responsibility. Our Residential Mentors and tutors encourage students to take initiative, whether pursuing an academic interest, or expressing their creative talents.